Are Online Casinos Safe in NZ?

Are Online Casinos Safe in NZ?

Gambling in New Zealand has always been legal. It is known that in ХIX century locals admired bets on horse races and boxing fights. Despite its remoteness from major European countries, its citizens don’t lag behinds residents of other states in terms of excitement about online gambling.

The advent of this industry marked a completely new age of entertainment here. The first gambling portals and platforms popped in NZ in 1994. One of the leading companies to create gambling software, Microgaming, has become the first software provider for online institutions in the country. In the late nineties, it was joined by such well-known market leaders as Playtech and Cryptologic. One of the first slots available to New Zealand residents was Cash Splash. And now each of us can choose the best online casino nz for himself.

Are Online Casinos Safe in NZ?

Here are some interesting facts about gambling in the country:

  • People of NZ spend more than two billion dollars on gambling annually. It’s a huge part of the local culture. According to reports, about 40% of adults are gambling this way at least once a week.
  • A local person spends about of $ 41 per week on various types of gambling. Although there are only 6 casinos, dozens of hippodromes and bingo halls, as well as hundreds of major bookmakers offices, virtual casinos occupy first positions in the row.

So the main question for the whole army of players is if it’s safe to use the gaming services for money.

Official regulators

It’s logical that authorities can’t ignore this sphere and try to establish control over it. This greatly contributes to the safety of players and legal way to withdraw their profits. The Gambling Act determines all terms and provisions both for owners and clients.

The government does not prohibit its citizens from visiting foreign online gambling sites. This is quite convenient for New Zealanders, because there are hundreds of online casinos in English, and many of them accept players from this so country. While the local offer is rather limited, users can find any game using foreign online gambling sites.

To control the industry, including operations of virtual institutions, there are several bodies that perform various functions:

Are Online Casinos Safe in NZ?
  1. The Department of Internal Affairs is responsible for the following:
  • licensing of gambling establishments;
  • legal base of sites;
  • informing and educating citizens.
  1. The Ministry of Health controls the reduction of harm from gaming to a minimum.
  2. Gambling Commission experts help a lot in many aspects:
  • issuing licenses to casino operators;
  • coordination of agreements between gambling operators from different countries;
  • analysis of complaints and disputes;
  • calculating the amount of compensation payments for the treatment of gambling;
  • consulting for casino operators and their customers.

So we may see that “safety” in this case goes far beyond legal and money issues. In fact, it envisages individual well-being, professional help to people who became addicts. State guarantees allow users to be very confident that their money will not be hacked by the e-platform or the third party. Moreover, there is a number of ways to pay all taxes from prizes and enjoy exciting world of gambling to full degree.  

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