The best poker players of 2019

The best poker players of 2019

Now that we have gone by the half year mark of 2019, it is time we talked about who some of the best players of 2019 (so far) are. Now that some of the tournaments have happened, and the new stats are up, we can talk about who they are. We don’t even need to do much research, as the no.1 slots machines portal for British gamblers – Slots Judge has prepared the information for us already. We just need to read about this information and see if we agree or don’t (spoilers – most of the time we do). The only thing is, even if we do agree, it does not mean that the stats are going to remain the same for the entire year. Things change and there are some big tournaments coming up. By the end of the year thins might change, and we might have to have this talk again. But, for now, we have our stats below.

Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius is a wonderful person to describe the accomplishments of – he is a former tennis coach and a model, but today, he is one of the best (if not the best) poker players in the world. He has spent the past few years perfecting his craft and impressing the world with what he can do with a table and some cards, and how easily he can achieve victory. Now he is one of the best players of 2019, simply because of how well he has been playing this year. He has managed to make a few hundred grand over the past couple of years. Good job Patrik.

T.J. Cloutier

Hailing from Texas, TJ is not your average cowboy. This man has been playing since the 60s, and he has been incredibly good at it throughout all of the years of his play. This year, he has managed to acquire the name of one of the best players of the year by gaining victory in a few local and international competitions. He has acquired some of the most riches in the world through poker and is going to be remembered as one of the greatest poker players in the world, of all time.

David Benyamine

David Benyamine is a French man who has traveled the world playing poker and holds the title of the World Poker champion. Possibly one of the best players ever born, he has not faltered this year either, keeping his streak of being one of the most impressive players going non stop. He has managed to win a few million dollars over the years and has been the inspiration of many a young player to start and keep playing the game.

Greg Mueller

Another one of the bald men sitting at the table is Greg Mueller. This former ice hockey player hailing from the double ancestry of Canada and Germany has been imrepssing the world with the purity of his sill and ability for many years now. Born in 1971, he picked up poker in his 30s and has been playing non stop since then, becoming one of the best players in the world during the course of this time. He has already one around $400 thousand in 2019, ad seemingly won’t be stopping his victory track any time soon, making him one of the best players of the year.


The real name of this woodland animal name thief is Bertrand Grospellier, who is as good at stealing games as he is at stealing names. This man has managed to accumulate a huge amount of wealth over the years through his stellar performance in the poker championships and games over the years. He is one of the best players in 2019 thanks to his beautiful performance in the recent championships, even if he has not been able to achieve victory this year yet. We are sure we are going to see some beautiful victories out of him, yet.

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